Of Facebook, Platonic Love, and Celibacy

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So, I had an exciting post planned for today, discussing various ideas floating about the blogosphere and responses to my posts this week. I’m afraid, though, that I am just too tired to offer much commentary. I will go ahead and offer up the various posts of interest, though.

Be sure to check out this excellent discussion about supporting gay celibacy by The Marin Foundation, which mentions Sacred Tension.

Also, this thoughtful blog post discussing Monday’s piece.

Tumblr blogger HeyoDavo offered some interesting thoughts regarding the posts this week:

“When a person believes that their capacity to love romantically is uniquely cursed and forbidden, it often also obstructs them from giving and receiving general platonic love as well.”
 – Me & Amy chatting about the recent “Surprised by Celibacy” articles by Julie Rogers & Sacred Tension
This is something I have been mulling over for the past few months, and something I keep trying to articulate. It definitely describes my own experiences, and I hope to write a blog post about this when my ideas are more coherent. Till then, I would love to hear people’s responses to what David is saying here.
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Peace out!

4 responses to “Of Facebook, Platonic Love, and Celibacy

  1. Very thought provoking. Julie’s insight does deserve to be evaluated and given further thought. For me, the distance I have kept from people I attributed to dysfunctional family life (my parents). However keeping love at a distance was fairly safe and created a barrier where I could not easily be hurt. I am now 65 and although not celibate through the years, I felt that I should have been. After all isn’t that what the church teaches. I struggled against the urges to find a male mate, even married and had children-only to find I could not be faithful. My wife rejected any love and this did not help. It only played into my desires to want a mate that understood and loved the way I do. Today, I search for that mate and trust that God will “direct my path.”

  2. I would have to agree with this statement. I’m not a lesbian, so I cannot pretend to understand the exact struggles that one may go through being LGBT, especially in relation to the church. However, I know that this statement applies to some rape victims as well, who often have it pounded into their heads that they are somehow dirty because they’ve experienced sex before marriage. Having something completely out of your control occur in your life and then being told that you’re not worthy of love because of that thing can effect so many different types of your relationships. I’ve seen it happen.

    On that note, thank you for posting. I’m a friend of David’s and I’m always happy to read new blogs on this subject matter.

    • True. So very true, racytalks. Living in a low-lying flat area with many wetlands and streams, I see what unexpected and distorted and sometimes quite unpleasant situations can result from what seems at first like a small and harmless or even beneficial closing off of the natural flow. Love is like that, I think, in that it is all about natural openness and freedom of movement. As love comes ultimately from God and flows through us in a great pure stream out to others, any obstacle, any blockage, any closing off, can limit and restrict and distort all sorts of connections in addition to the specific relationship where the blocking is happening.

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