Mental Health Break

Hello everyone! No doubt you’ve noticed that the blog has been quiet all week. Between work, yoga training, and other dynamics in my life, I had to give writing a break and rediscover equilibrium.

But no worries – I will be back and writing soon.


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5 responses to “Mental Health Break

  1. You take it easy. You deserve time off! I love your honest writing, and your willingness to wrestle with deeply difficult and personal issues. You pour your all into what is before you, I can tell; so I hope that you are taking time to be kind to yourself, to refresh yourself, and to walk peacefully with your creator redeemer. He loves you so! And I’m sure He delights in you.

  2. Stephen, I have been scrolling along my WP reader hoping to find you there and then I finally gave up and went straight to your blog to read your latest thoughts. I am so pleased you are taking time to take care of your awesome self! THANK YOU! For if you take care of you in time we will all benefit from your thoughts, insights and heart. Praying for you and your health. Feel the love Stephen… feel the love! ;o) Ann

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